Parent Advocacy Training

October 19th 2021

DPAC encourages parents and guardians to become volunteer advocates.

The Kootenay Lake DPAC is inviting SD8 parents and guardians interested in becoming a Parent Advocate to attend a free Advocate Training Seminar hosted by DPAC.

The Advocacy 101 – Level One training seminar will take place Monday October 25th 6:00-7:15 pm and a following session, Wednesday November 3rd 6:00-8:30 on zoom.

The first session provides an opportunity for parents to learn the district’s communication protocol and how to advocate for themselves. The second session is geared towards parents interested in helping others. It is highly recommended to complete both seminars in succession if you wish to become a volunteer Parent Advocate in our district.

Sometimes our children face difficult problems or situations at school with which they are unable to cope alone. It could be a problem with a teacher, bullying, or a rule that seems unfair. The Kootenay Lake District Parents’ Advisory Council (DPAC) is proud to be able to help parents and students to be heard and problem solve in a positive way by connecting them with a volunteer Parent Advocate.

Parent Advocates are parents in the district that have been trained to assist other parents navigate an issue or situation at school that may require additional support. Parent Advocates volunteer their time to help ensure our children and youth are treated fairly with dignity and respect, allowed to express their views, and participate in decisions that affect them.

Are you compassionate and willing to help people? Do you know how to find accurate information? Do you understand how policies,  procedures and processes are implemented? Do you feel the need to speak up when others don’t?? These are just a few of the skills needed to be a parent advocate. Any SD8 parent or guardian can become a parent advocate.

Instructor Susan Wilson will bring her experience and humour to this interactive and informative presentation, with over 15 years providing advocacy support to parents in our district and throughout the province. 

Interested parents or guardians are encouraged to register for this training, even if you have attended in the past, whether you wish to become a parent advocate to help others, or if you are just interested in learning more about how to advocate for your child and yourself.

To register or learn more about this opportunity, email the Kootenay Lake DPAC at