Holocaust Education Week

The first week of November is Holocaust Education Week in many regions of Canada and as teachers prepare to work with their students, we want to share a series of teaching resources to help with this important subject.  Linked below are a number of FREE, bilingual, award-winning teaching resources that have been prepared by professionals in education and which are classroom-ready. Our resources, Choose Your Voice (for grades 6-8) and Voices Into Action (for grades 9-12) have been approved by ministries of education and school districts throughout Canada.  We encourage you to access our resources and to register for the free resources if you haven't already done so.  I would also ask you to share this message with other teachers in your district so that they too can use them with their students! 

We have prepared lessons for use with grades 6-8 and which are found on our Choose Your Voice website where we have four units that explore prejudice, stereotypes, and historical oppression. Students will learn from a variety of media, lessons, activities and discussions, with opportunities to brainstorm, share and compare, participate in class discussions and create graphic organizers. We provide 4 original five-minute documentary videos where narratives of historical events are described first-hand by survivors.  Unit 2 of Choose Your Voice introduces the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide in the Voices from the Past unit and which also provides lesson plans and supporting documents for use with your students.

Voices into Action is our online, curriculum-based educational resource designed for grades 9-12, and which is dedicated to providing students with access to information on issues regarding human rights, prejudice, and hatred. Designed by curriculum experts, this program utilizes a wide variety of media to present compelling information on a history of human suffering, stemming from social injustice that is still a growing problem today.  Linked below are several of our lessons that relate to antisemitism, the Holocaust, and commemoration.

Unit 1 Chapter 1 "Examining the Holocaust"

Unit 2 Chapter 1 "Did the World Willingly Let the Holocaust Happen?" 

Unit 3 Chapter 1 "The Righteous Among Nations: The Actions of Heroes"

Unit 3 Chapter 4 "The Nazis' View of Homosexuality, plus Homophobia today"

Unit 3 Chapter 5 "Judaism and Antisemitism Through the Ages"

Unit 4 Chapter 1 "Voyage of the MS St. Louis"

Unit 5 (entire unit) "Personal Action" (commemoration)

Unit 6 Chapter 1 "Contemporary Antisemitism"


Two webinar recordings of professional development workshops that FAST - Fighting Antisemetisim Toghether, has provided in the past year:

-Courageous Conversations About Antisemitism

-Holocaust Ed for Middle Years using Choose Your Voice